💬 Announce contest winners

We have had three contests related to invites to Discord, Twitter engaging and most active user on Discord. Read more about them in our Discord or on this page

⛏️ Whitelist minting

We open up for minting the NFTS. Every whitelisted address will get the possibility to mint 6 MetaGreta NFT’s. We do only have 600 spots in the whitelist for the NFT drop.

🔓 Whitelisting opens up

Our whitlist er now open. All you have to do is to donate a small optional amount to Greenpeace. After Donation you are eligble for the NFT Drop.

🎉 Website launch

Metagreta website is live and open! We are soon opening for whitelisting and you can add yourself to the list and claim 6 NFT’s when we drop our NFT’s.